Parion Hotel Sustainability Policy

As a business, we are aware of our environmental, economic, and social responsibilities for the continuity of our establishment and a livable world. We commit to approaching our accommodation services with a sustainability approach and implementing a sustainable tourism management system. Our sustainability policy includes:


Setting goals aligned with sustainable tourism and policies with the participation of our management and employees, creating actions to achieve these goals, regularly reviewing them, and providing the necessary resources.

Improving energy, water, and procurement performance values involving sustainability efficiency and intensity in all processes.

Continuously improving our sustainable management system, communicating it to all units, reviewing it, and ensuring its relevance.

Informing all stakeholders about our environmental activities and principles and ensuring their participation.

Reducing energy and water consumption, making continuous improvements related to energy and water efficiency, implementing them, and tracking the results.

Using energy-efficient products for improving energy and water performance, procuring services, and related design work.

Contributing to the continuous improvement of our processes related to preventing environmental pollution, biodiversity, and ecosystem protection.

Efficiently using our natural resources and minimizing natural resource consumption.

Reducing water consumption and increasing water-saving measures.

Reducing waste at its source and ensuring the recycling of waste with a zero-waste principle.

Ensuring the protection of the natural habitats of living beings around us.

Promoting the use of environmentally friendly products.

Informing our guests and employees about the local/regional natural and cultural heritage.

Evaluating all feedback from our guests.

Complying with the legal and other requirements we are obliged to follow.

Collaborating with our stakeholders in a mutually beneficial manner.

Meeting health and human rights regulations and obligations to achieve the goals and objectives within the scope of the management system.

Regularly sharing our sustainability reports with our stakeholders and continuously reviewing and improving our sustainability performance.

Parion Hotel Environmental Protection and Waste Management Policy

We protect the environment, prevent pollution, and prioritize reducing our negative impacts on the environment in our operations. To achieve this, we:


Comply with legal regulations and strive to reduce our environmental impact.

Carefully segregate our waste according to its source, groups, and hazard classes.

Understand that using hazardous substances and chemicals only when necessary and in required amounts reduces both their negative environmental impacts and waste quantity.

Prefer materials labeled "recycled" and "environmentally friendly" in our operations to contribute to nature conservation and create reuse opportunities.

Use single-use materials like paper, napkins, toilet paper, and packaging sparingly to leave less waste in nature.

Store waste correctly and separately according to its properties, delivering it to licensed/authorized companies without exceeding the legal storage period limits and maintaining records.

Aim to use water, energy, and all natural resources efficiently. We share this sensitivity with our employees, guests, and suppliers.

Measure our performance in environmental management, track these data with our goals, and strive to improve our performance.

Aim to educate our employees on environmental issues and increase their sensitivity.

Quality Policy Mission-Vision

Quality Policy

Prioritize human health, hygienic conditions, and environmental awareness.

Operate in compliance with legal requirements.

Ensure all employees act with a team consciousness from the lowest to the highest unit.

Under the scope of the sustainable management system, ensure customer satisfaction and continuously improve our quality.

Meet customer expectations at the highest level within the sustainable management system.

Achieve 10% energy savings for sustainable tourism.

Reduce the daily breakdown resolution time to 1 day.

Aim to reduce waste, increase recycling rates, and minimize natural resource usage.

Maintain a 90% satisfaction rate according to guest surveys annually.

Successfully complete planned training.

Achieve a 15% reduction in customer complaint rates.


Our main principle is to meet the needs and expectations of our customers with an understanding of continuous improvement, being a strong and reliable institution. All our employees are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and continuously improving our quality. Customer satisfaction is our most important job.



In the sector we operate, we aim to meet the expectations of our customers and employees at the highest level, respecting individuals, society, and the law, adhering to economic and ethical principles, and being environmentally conscious. To lay solid foundations for our future and ensure customer satisfaction with the voluntary participation of our employees:


Ensure continuous efficiency and quality in service.

Reduce service costs to increase our competitiveness.

Prioritize the education of our employees.

Adapt to technology.

Take care to protect the natural environment.

Ensure all staff are sensitive to quality.

Guest Satisfaction Policy

In the scope of our services, as an institution that meets customer needs on time and completely and fulfills customer satisfaction requirements, we:


As a respectful, responsible, transparent, and reliable institution that adheres to the principle of equality, think scientifically and creatively, continuously monitor, improve, and set an example of a continuously developing management and customer satisfaction system.

Offer contemporary services in physical spaces that respect human rights and meet international norms.

Protect customer privacy at the highest level and inform customers at every stage of the process.

Provide the necessary resources to handle customer complaints effectively and efficiently and improve customer satisfaction, giving importance to staff training and ensuring the continuity of these trainings to create an institution structure that houses highly qualified individuals.

Follow national and international quality programs and consumer rights-related legal and regulatory requirements.

Environmentally Friendly, Efficient Procurement, and Local Procurement Policy

This policy aims to ensure that our business purchases equipment, products, and services with high energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity, expected to have a significant impact on energy performance and the environment. Implementing this policy will result in lower energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, increasing environmental and economic benefits. Our business commits to considering energy performance in all procurement activities related to significant energy uses and reducing energy usage to lower greenhouse gas emissions.



Our green procurement principles include:


Minimizing unnecessary purchases.

Reducing waste.

Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

Maximizing energy efficiency.

Maximizing water efficiency.

Maximizing health and safety elements.

Ensuring the purchase of eco-labeled/environmentally friendly products and services.

Planning training to raise awareness of sustainability opportunities in procurement processes.

Creating fair trade opportunities.

Ensuring the efficient use of natural resources in all processes.

Managing processes in line with the circular economy approach.

Preventing environmental aspects and impacts at their source throughout the life cycle.

Integrating the environmental management system into business processes and strategies, identifying environmental risks and opportunities, and taking measures to minimize environmental risks.

Considering low-carbon economy transition principles in equipment selection.

Setting goals, planning actions, tracking results, and focusing on continuous improvement to enhance environmental performance for activities and suppliers.

Conducting activities to contribute to the fight against the climate crisis and the transition to a low-carbon economy, considering climate-related risks and opportunities.

Ensuring compliance with environmental legal regulations in all activities.

Women's Rights and Gender Equality Policy

We value gender equality in our business.


Ensure the health, safety, and welfare of all employees, regardless of gender.

Support women's participation in the workforce in all departments and provide equal opportunities.

Operate with the "equal pay for equal work" policy without gender discrimination.

Distribute tasks with an equality principle.

Provide the necessary environment for equal access to career opportunities.

Create training policies to support women's participation and increase awareness.

Establish a work environment and practices that balance work-family life.

Support women in management roles and provide equal opportunities.

Do not tolerate any form of exploitation, harassment, discrimination, suppression, coercion, slander, etc., towards women. Always recognize and support the value women add to our world and institution.

Child Rights Policy

Children are entrusted to us for the future. Recognizing them as individuals, respecting their rights, and protecting them from all forms of psychological, physical, and commercial exploitation is our primary responsibility. To ensure this, we:


Do not allow child labor in our institutions and expect the same sensitivity from all our business partners.

Provide environments/opportunities where children can contribute to their development, express their thoughts, wishes, and feelings freely, and feel comfortable and free.

Train our employees on preventing and recognizing child exploitation.

Ensure children are under adult supervision in activities they participate in.

Organize training and support related projects to raise awareness of child rights.

Inform hotel management of any suspicious actions related to children and seek help from official institutions if necessary.

Energy Efficiency Policy

To protect our world from potential dangers, we use our energy efficiently and set goals to reduce our energy consumption. To achieve this, we:


Follow national and international standards, laws, and regulations to fulfill our responsibilities to nature and our legal obligations, voluntarily conducting work to reduce energy use and/or continuously improve our energy consumption performance, and tracking the results of our efforts.

Set goals and include energy efficiency in our training programs to involve our employees.

Collaborate with all stakeholders to create common goals and results in energy management. We strive to maintain interaction to achieve a collective awareness and consciousness level with our guests, employees, visitors, and all business partners on these issues.

Research, find, purchase, and use suitable energy-efficient products, equipment, machinery, and technology alternatives.

Aim to document our Energy Management System, spread it to all departments, update, review, and continuously improve it when necessary.

Evaluate potential energy risks or constraints, plan measures that can be taken, and respond to any urgent situations effectively.