Parion Tenedos Restaurant

Tenedos opens its doors to its guests with a unique restaurant experience... Breakfast service, which starts early in the morning, offers its guests the opportunity to start the day energetically with its delicious and diverse options.
Parion Hotel - We Bring Original Flavors to <strong>Our Signature Recipes </strong>

We Bring Original Flavors to Our Signature Recipes

Tenedos Restaurant invites its guests to a pleasant environment not only with its delicious food but also with its stylish and comfortable atmosphere. At Tenedos, guest satisfaction and comfort are always among the priorities of our hotel.

Our professional and friendly staff is ready to meet guests' every request. The elegant decoration and peaceful atmosphere of our restaurant are just a few of the elements that complete the dining experience.
Parion Hotel - <strong>Discover us to trace a</strong> delightful food journey

Discover us to trace a delightful food journey

We invite you to Tenedos Restaurant to enjoy a delightful meal. You will have an unforgettable experience with our flavors carefully prepared by our chefs, where each flavor is meticulously selected.

Our original recipes in our rich menu have a variety and taste that will appeal to your taste. We are ready to turn your meal times into enjoyable moments in our stylish and warm atmosphere.